69-70 St James Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1LQ


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Hanna Honeybee

Help Kiki Cuckoo build a nest for her eggs. Be careful! As soon as a few suitable twigs are on the nest you must gently rest a cuckoo egg on top; the fragile eggs may tumble down a half-built nest! It takes finesse and a little luck to be the first to place all of your wooden eggs safely in the nest. The winner is the one who can then securely place the wooden Cuckoo bird on top of the nest of twigs!

  • 4  Player

  • 30 - 90 Minute play

  • Age 2+

  • Location P4


Pop Up Pirate

Fill your cauldron with wacky ingredients as you solve the sums. Check the answers by rubbing the heat sensitive ghost patches on the cards.

  • 2-6 Player

  • 30 Minute play

  • Age 8+

  • Location O4

beat the parents

Rhino Hero Junior

Rhino Hero Junior is a superhero in training who aims high. In three different games, the children practice their fine motor skills, work on a basic understanding of numbers and quantities, and also train their memories. Floor by floor, the fun and learning curve just gets steeper and steeper, until the heroic rhino reaches the top and the children win together.

  • 2-4 Player

  • 10-20 Minute play

  • Age 2+

  • Location R5